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Breaking bear news: Bear breaks in at home of WESH’s Martha Sugalski

WESH 2 anchor Martha Sugalski had some personal “live, local, late-breaking” news at her Seminole County home this morning when a bear broke into her screened-in pool enclosure.

“Woke up to a MASSIVE bear in our pool area who broke thru screen and was trying to get into cabinets. Don’t need coffee to wake up,” Sugalski tweeted today.

According to WESH.com, this is the sixth bear Sugalski has seen in her Seminole neighborhood in the past two months — more sightings than she has had in the previous six years at the home. It has been the summer of the bear on Orlando TV news, with bears showing up unexpectedly in several neighborhoods, in downtown Winter Park and even in downtown Orlando next to the 408.

WESH dispatched a crew to document the break-in and interviewed Sugalski’s husband.

Back to blogging … why I love Orlando TV news

Yes, I’m back blogging about Orlando TV news.

What’s the deal, you ask? I’ve been very busy with my real job and also took some vacation time. Plus, it was good to take a blogging break.

But now it’s back to chronicling the news that comes across your Orlando TV sets. Here’s one prime reason why I love to blog about Orlando TV news — and from one of the most entertaining Orlando news anchors on Twitter… Where else does this stuff happen?

Casey Anthony verdict: How Orlando TV tweeted the news

In addition to watching the Casey Anthony trial on Orlando TV news, many followed coverage via reporters’ and anchors’ tweets on Twitter. Here’s a sampling of Orlando TV tweets following the verdict. (I especially like WFTV news director Bob Jordan’s tweet at the bottom):

Orlando TV (and print) newsers come together for Christmas

It’s back. The Orlando Sentinel’s annual ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas video has been posted. In addition to Sentinel staffers, it also includes  prominent Orlando TV newsers, politicians, athletes and theme park characters reading the famous holiday poem. (I even make a cameo — see me waving my hands like an idiot in the background while Greg Dawson is reading his part.)

Merry Christmas to you and you family!

King of Orlando TV? Tom Sorrells, of course

smackdown-tomsorrellsThe Orlando Sentinel’s fun summer online contest, the Orlando Celebrity Smackdown, has its championship match up.

The winner among all the local television personalities is WKMG chief meteorologist Tom Sorrells. He reached the finals by knocking out fellow Channel 6 weatherman Eric Wilson in opening round, then dispatching Fox 35 morning meteorologist Jim Van Fleet in the second round, upsetting WFTV chief met Tom Terry in the third round, then rallying late to defeat WESH-2 anchors Jim Payne and Martha Sugalski in the semifinals.

Facing Sorrells from the radio side of the contest bracket are Doc and Grace, morning DJs on K92FM. They made it to the finals by upsetting the Monsters of the Morning from Real Radio 104.1.

On Wednesday night, Doc and Grace were leading Sorrells. Voting concludes this week. You can make choice for ruler of O-Town airwaves by clicking here. The winner will be announced on Wednesday, Aug. 19.

Martha Sugalski gets her own song

martha2We knew WESH 2 anchor Martha Sugalski has many admirers (one former co-worker I know seemed a little obsessed with her — but he moved to another state, so I think Martha is OK.)

Daniel Dennis of Real Radio 104.1’s Monsters in the Morning decided to put his affection for the Channel 2 anchor into song.

“Dear Martha,” with Lou Vooten featuring DJ Dr. Unfrozenburg, starts out:  “Hey baby, you know I’m always watching you on the news. And I know you’re on Channel 2 and everything, but if it was up to me, you’d be on Channel 1.”

And the lyrics also note, “I can’t think of a single word that rhymes with Sugalski.”

After the jump, a link to listen to “Dear Martha”

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