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WKMG’s summit and other news to note

Here’s the latest Orlando TV News …

WKMG’s much-discussed mandatory “newsroom summit” is now history … but what happened? According to some folks who were there, it wasn’t nearly as draconian as anticipated. “It was a lot of uproar over nothing,” a Local 6  staffer told the Orlando Sentinel. “It was really fun, helpful. Everyone walked out feeling better about their jobs. It was a positive thing. People left with an appreciation for what others do.” Basically, as I predicted, it was more of a corporate team-building exercise. The staff met to discuss ways to improve improve TV news, and workers switched duties to experience how others do their jobs. Did you attend and have a different view? Then email me by clicking the “Contact Us” link at the top of the page. …

Speaking of the summit, remember last week when MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann named WKMG news director Steve Hyvonen one of his “Worst Persons in the World”? Turns out there may be more of a backstory there. According to TVNewser.com, Hyvonen used to work as a news manager at MSNBC dayside in the early 2000s, but not with Olbermann. As Olbermann ended his segment by telling Local 6 staffers to write down Hyvonen’s name as a newsroom “battery drainer,” he added cryptically, “That was for the staff here.” Click here to watch the segment again.

Switching over to Fox 35:  Saturday’s Fox 35 News at 10 started about an hour late — due to Fox’s 4 p.m. baseball game going into the 20th inning! Yes, the game lasted nearly 7 hours, with the New York Mets finally beating the host St. Louis Cardinals 2-1. Imagine if the game had started in prime time? Also, I noticed that in place of usual weekend anchors Keith Landry and Talitha Vickers, WOFL had Tom Johnson and Tracy Jacim anchoring on Saturday and Sunday. Is that something new, or were they just filling in? …

Finally, former WOFL reporter Erin Logan has been fired from her anchor-reporter job at WNDU-NBC 16 in South Bend, Ind. She was dismissed after being arrested following a domestic dispute involving a former NFL player. Click here to read more from the South Bend Tribune. She was at Fox 35 in 2005-06.

These Fox 35 reporters aren’t singing in the rain

If you live in Central Florida, chances are you’ve been caught in an unexpected thunderstorm. You know what it’s like — the weather is fine one minute, and the next it’s time to start building an ark.

That’s situation a couple of reporters for Central Florida’s self-proclaimed “Weather Authority” experienced on Monday night. Just before their live shots on Fox 35’s 10 p.m. news, the sky opened.

WOFL reporter Tracy Jacim was fortunate enough to grab an umbrella just before she went on air, fumbling with it in the downpour while giving an intro to her report about Chinese drywall in area homes. She wrapped up with her umbrella shielding her from the rain.

Less than a minute later, reporter Keith Landry wasn’t as lucky. As he was waiting for his cue in another location, he got drenched — and I mean drenched. You can even see lightning in the background above him as he did his intro. When he came back for his wrap, he had on a rain coat but it was too little, too late. “Reporting live in Orange County, getting absolutely soaked, Keith Landry, Fox 35 News at 10,” he laughed as he wrapped up. Hey, what can you do in a situation like that?

Typical for Central Florida, the Doppler was virtually clear except for this one rogue shower that managed to pinpoint these two reporters. And to think we’re not even in the thick of hurricane season yet.

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Check digital channel 26 for “Local 6”

If you’re not getting WKMG on your HD receiver, you need to rescan you local channels. WKMG changed digital channels last week. After broadcasting on Channel 58, WKMG is now airing on Channel 26. Sure, thanks to remapping your receiver should always show WKMG on Channel 6, but that’s not really the case with most Central Florida stations. Here are the digital channels the local stations are broadcasting on:

WESH (NBC)               2                              11
WKMG (CBS)               6                              26
WFTV (ABC)                 9                              39
WKCF (CW)               18                              17
WMFE (PBS)              24                              23
WRDQ (Ind)               27                              14
WOFL (Fox)                35                              22
WRBW (MNT)            65                              41


Some other notes ….

Just in time for May sweeps, WFTV has tweaked its graphics. A splash of gold and some curves have been added to the HD graphics that debuted back in June 2006 when Channel 9 became the first station in the state — and 10th in the nation — to produce the news in high definition. ….

Fox 35 had added a couple of new additions to its weekend anchor team. Talitha Vickers co-anchors with Keith Landry on 5 p.m. and 10 p.m. shows. She previously worked at WWOR-My9 in New York, WBOC in Salisbury, Md., and WCCB in Charlotte. University of Miami grad Sabrina Fein is the weekend meteorologist. She’s worked at KSPR in Springfield, Mo., KCBD in Lubbock, Texas, WPBF in Palm Beach and WFTX in Fort Myers before joining Fox 35.

Fox 35 shuffles anchor assignments

New Fox 35 news director Gavin Maliska is starting to shake things up at WOFL.

This week he shuffled the station’s anchor lineup.  Mike Dunston, who was on Fox at 5, is now the morning co-anchor with Jacquie Sosa and Heidi Hatch. Former morning anchor Tom Johnson has been moved to sports anchor. And temporarily filling in on the 5 p.m. newscast is weekend anchor and Fox 35 utilityman Keith Landry.

Johnson, who previously was a sportscaster, has been helping out in the Fox 35 sports department for awhile. Fox has been short-handed in sports for nearly a year after sportcaster Thomas Forester departed the station after an ugly incident with then-news director Bob Clinkingbeard.

Will it help improve ratings? We’ll see, but Fox 35 traditional sees a bump from American Idol — so making the change now that Idol is starting up makes sense.

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