Monday news: WESH’s chopper helps lift UCF

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Some musings to start off the work week …

The UCF Knights have to thank WESH for part of their Conference USA Championship. Heavy rains late last week make the field at Bright House Networks Stadium soggy, so the school asked WESH to bring over its chopper to help dry the field. While school officials have been concerned about how fans jump up and down and shake the stadium, from the video, flying a chopper inside the bowl looks far more dangerous. Watch the video. (It’s the second one under the video player.)

Former WKMG reporter Candice Coleman, now working for the Disney News Bureau, did a story about the pardoned Thanksgiving turkey arriving at Disney World for Good Morning America’s Web cast. Here’s a link. (Also, I know it’s Disney Co.-synergy, but do you think ABC News has ever run a PR release video from any other company?) …

I couldn’t get by without posting a link to the “Blondes Make Men Dumb” clip that reportedly cost someone at WESH their job (at least that’s what the folks on our message board are saying). For the O-Town TV watcher who’s just now climbing out from under a rock, here’s the clip. …

News WESH anchor Aixa Diaz made a trip to “back home” to Puerto Rico for the station — documenting the trip, of course. With the area’s Puerto Rican population surging, advertising an anchor’s ties to the island seems to be a smart idea.

WKMG anchor Bob Frier will sing (yes) and help light the City of Orlando’s Christmas tree on Wednesday at 5:15 p.m. at City Hall.

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