A new look for Central Florida News 13

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Last week, Central Florida News 13 introduced updated graphics and music. Have to say, they both are a big improvement — and the biggest changes the 24-hour cable channel has made to its on-air appearance since starting in 1997.

The graphics are bold, but the colorsĀ are softer. The familiar jingles for “Weather on the 1’s” and other features have been updated too. Even the set has been tweaked a bit, with a softer, lighter blue background.

You can see some examples below. (Note, these were taken from the CFNews13 Web site, so the “13” bug is missing from the lower right corner)





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  1. Wonder where Michelle Wargo, CH 13 traffic lady had gone. She is no longer on and emails to ch 13 have gone unanswered (whats new). Could you find out.

  2. She no longer works for Metro Traffic, which is the company that 13 contracts with for traffic services. Metro has also moved all of their operations from Orlando to Miami

  3. Roger Writes:
    “…and the biggest changes the 24-hour cable channel has made to its on-air appearance since starting in 1997.”

    I would contend the “biggest change” came in 2005 when CFN left their rented digs on the Orlando Sentinel campus for green pastures down the street at Orange Ave. and Central.

    New sets, new music, new graphics, that outdoor monitor, along with the news headline “ticker” wrapped around the building, helped welcomed new stride in 2005. This latest update is more of a refresher. Much needed- but not as big as building a new facility.

    I like the “sting” used in the new music bed and the way the anchors seem to pop off the screen. Personally, I think they have the best team in town.

  4. Hi, It’s Michelle. Sorry this is so late!!! I’m still in the Central Florida area. You can actually catch me as the fill-in Traffic reporter for WESH 2 News. I also host “Cafe” on Orange TV and Produce and Report for Hometown Health TV.

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