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Weather news from WESH and RogerSimmons.com

The new Davis Vantage Vue weather station for RogerSimmons.com

Perhaps I missed some announcement on this … but when did WESH 2 start using “First Alert” branding with its weather? Perhaps it’s a bit of Hearst TV corporate synergy, since sister station WPBF-ABC 25 in West Palm Beach has been using the First Alert branding for its weather. Check out the images below and see what you think.

But this also reminds us about a change in the weather here at RogerSimmons.com. We recently upgraded our private weather station — adding a Davis Vantage Vue unit. This new weather station provides greater accuracy and reliability — as well as transmitting data from the weather sensors to our computer base every 2.5 seconds. We upload our data every 5 minutes to our Orlando Weather page on this site, plus we supply near real-time data continuously on WeatherUnderground.com. So, if you need to know the weather in the Waterford Lakes area of east Orange County, think of us as your “First Alert.”

WESH's new "First Alert" weather branding.
"First Alert" weather branding at WESH sister station WPBF