Orlando Digital TV Channels

Orlando TV digital channels

What digital channels can you pick up on your over-the-air antenna in Orlando?


  • 2-1 — Main feed of WESH, the local NBC affiliate, broadcast in high definition.
  • 2-2 — Me-TV Orlando, classic TV shows.


  • 6-1 — Main feed of WKMG, the local CBS affiliate, broadcast in high definition.
  • 6-2 — RTV, Retro Television. Classic TV shows.


  • 9-1 — Main feed of WFTV, the local ABC affiliate, broadcast in high definition.
  • 9-2 — WFTV Weather and Traffic.


  • 15-1 — Main feed of WDSC, a PBS affiliate based at Daytona State College in Volusia County. The channel is shown in high definition.
  • 15-2 — WDSC-ED, programming from the Florida Channel, Daytona State College and the Annenberg Foundation.
  • 15-3 — WDSC-WV, programming from the Florida Knowledge Network and World View TV.


  • 18-1 — WKCF, local affiliate of the CW Network, which is run by WESH and shown in high definition.
  • 18-2 — This TV, a 24-hour movie channel.
  • 18.3 — Estrella TV, a 24-hour Spanish-language channel.


  • 24-1 — Main feed of WMFE.


  • 26-1 — Main feed of WVEN, affiliate of Spanish-language network Univision.


  • 27-1 — WRDQ, an independent station operated by WFTV and broadcast in high definition.
  • 27-2 — Antenna TV, which primarily airs classic television shows from the 1950s to 1980s.


  • 35-1 — Main feed for Fox affiliate WOFL, which is aired in high definition.


  • 40-1 — Main feed of SuperChannel WACX-TV, an Orlando commercial Christian independent TV station.
  • 40-2 — WACX’s second channel.
  • 40-3 — WACX’s third channel.


  • 43-1 — WOTF, affiliate of Spanish language network TeleFutura.


  • 45-1 — Main feed of WTGL-TV, an Orlando network that airs religious programs and classic shows.
  • 45-2 — Secondary channel from WTGL, which broadcasts programming in Spanish.
  • 45-3 — A third channel from WTGL.


  • 52-1 — WHLV, a Christian station operated by the Trinity Broadcasting Network, which also owns the Holy Land Experience attraction in Orlando.


  • 56-1 — WOPX, local affiliate of the ION Television network, which airs shows and movies.
  • 56-2 — Another WOPX channel that airs children’s programming.
  • 56-3 — WOPX channel that airs ION Life, a channel “dedicated to the celebration of positive living, wellness and an empowered life.”
  • 56-4 — WOPX channel that airs The Worship Network, a network that provides alternative Christian worship themed programming.


  • 65-1 — WRBW, local affiliate of the MyNetworkTV.
  • 65-2 — Same programming as 65-1, shown in standard definition.


  • 68-1 — The main feed of WUCF TV, the PBS affiliate operated by UCF and Brevard Community College.
  • 68-2 —  WBCC TV channel, which shows Brevard Community College shows.
  • 68-3 —  UCF-TV, the University of Central Florida’s TV channel.
  • 68-4 — Another WBCC channel that broadcasts programming from the Florida Knowledge Network and the Florida Channel.

9 thoughts on “Orlando Digital TV Channels

  1. Thank you for publishing this page. Now can you tell me how I can find a daily listing of programs on each of the above stations. I get movies, etc but I have no clue when it started or what the name of the movie/show is.

    Thanks for your help.


  2. Hey Thamnk you for the listing! This recent i haven’t been able to tune in to Wmfe
    23-1 and 24-3 Whats going on? July 3rd 2011

  3. Hey Thank you for the listing! This recent i haven’t been able to tune in to Wmfe
    24-1 and 24-3 Whats going on? July 3rd 2011

  4. Hope the Orlando area can give this a chance.
    the old school horror host is a dying breed, and MeTV airs one of the last (and one of the best ever) in Svengoolie.


    Sven was nationally syndicated for a few years way back in the 1980s!
    He is a household name in Chicago area.

    Enjoyed a “live” Sven broadcast after almost 28 years!
    The Orlando MeTv broadcasts his show every Saturday night at 10pm.

    Looking forward to each and every week!

  5. Yeah, not sure what’s wrong. But you can find the low-def version of CW18 on Channel 2.3 right now.

  6. I can not received WFTV Ch 9.1 or 9.2. Absolutely no signal, however I can receive all other channels fine. We live in rural Volusia county near SR 40. Any suggestions? I’ve tried turning the antenna, it doesn’t help. I rescan frequently, but doesn’t help. Any help would be appreciated.

  7. I have just recently moved here and I have the over the air antenna in Orlando and I dont seem to get any stations below channel 9, and Im missing my NBC. Any suggestions of what Im doing wrong. I have two dofferent types of tv’s and antenna so its not that….

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