An ad for an Ernie Kovacs' special program on WDBO-Channel 6 in 1959

If you think television didn’t arrive in Central Florida until 1954 when WDBO-TV Channel 6 went on the air, you’d be mistaken. Back in 1949, Jacksonville’s WMBR-TV Channel 4 began broadcasting — and some area homes could receive the station’s signal.

But it was the arrival of WDBO-TV that clicked the local telecasting revolution into high gear. Before the end of the 1950s, Orlando had its three main network TV stations. WMFE-Channel 24 added educational TV to the area in March 1965, and Central Florida landed its second(*) independent station in 1974 when WSWB-TV Channel 35 signed on. (* Yes, Channel 35 was our second indy station — WESH-TV Channel 2 began as an independent before landing its NBC affiliation several months after it signed on.)

But wonder what was on Orlando TV in those early years? Here’s you chance to find out. We’ve compiled sample TV schedules from the first 25 years of Orlando TV history. These schedules were compiled from the online archives of the Daytona Beach Morning Journal, the Daytona Beach Sunday News-Journal, the Lakeland Ledger, the Ocala Star Banner.

Click on a year to see what was on Orlando TV…

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  1. Hello, Really like your site…brings back memories. I was hunting some info on a local show my Dad used to have in in Orlando in the mid 70s. It was on one of the UHF stations, not sure which one. His name was Big Dan Starr and his group was the Hometowners. They were a country group and he had variety TV show I was looking to see if I could find any info on. I was young then and don’t even remember the shows name…think it had Hometown in it. In any case it looks like you have a ton of info here and if you knew anything about it I would be appreciative. Thanks for the great site.

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