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Reporter Patrick Pegues no longer with Fox 35 following arrest

Patrick Pegues' mugshot (courtesy

Patrick Pegues and WOFL-Fox 35 have parted ways following the reporter’s arrest Monday night for allegedly firing a gun while walking a dog in Orlando. reported:

According to the incident report, witnesses observed the suspect walking a dog along East Michigan Street. Witnesses told deputies they saw another dog in a yard outside a fence. They say the dog did not seem aggressive. Moments later, witnesses heard a gunshot. Deputies confronted Pegues and found a gun on him. According to the report, Pegues indicated he was defending himself. Deputies did find damage to a car in the area where witnesses say they heard the gunshot. No injuries were reported. Pegues is charged with unlawful discharge of a firearm and discharging a destructive device with property damage. Pegues is no longer employed with FOX 35.

The Orlando Sentinel reported that a Beretta 9mm semi-automatic gun was found on  Pegues’ right hip. Pegues said he had a concealed weapons permit.

Initially, WOFL said Pegues had been suspended, but later reported that he was no longer with the station. This was not Pegues’ first run-in with police during his time at WOFL.

Pegues got into a scuffle with a Seminole County deputy in April while covering a story. Watch the video of that incident here. Pegues was not arrested.

He was arrested in October 2007 on charges of disorderly conduct and resisting an officer without violence while on assignment to cover an accident on Lake Margaret Road.

His bio page has been removed from the website, but you can see a cached version here.

Area TV station asks if its anchor smokes pot

Is your anchorman high while giving you the latest news at 6 and 11? No. Well, probably no.

But back in the ’70s …

In compiling our ever growing collection of Florida TV newspaper ads, we came across this, uh, unusual one for Tampa station WLCY-Channel 10 (now WTSP-CBS 10). It’s from 1971 and asks the question about anchorman Marshall Cleaver … and then anwers “No!”

The ad probably grabbed more attention than Cleaver’s newscast grabbed viewers on ratings-challenged WLCY. A quick Internet search found that before moving over to TV, Cleaver was the father of talk radio in Tampa Bay, and hosted a late night show that focused “on flying saucers & other phenomena.” So, perhaps that’s why the station felt the need to ask and answer the question.

You can see this ad and many other new ones that have been added to our Tampa TV station collection. Also, we’ve added a West Palm Beach station collection too.

Former WKMG anchor now working for QVC

Former Local 6 anchor Shawn Killinger on QVC on Sunday night.

You never know what — or who — you may find when channel surfing on a Sunday evening.

Switching between the NFL Sunday night game and the 10 p.m. news, I came across shopping channel QVC — and former WKMG-Local 6 anchor Shawn Killinger.

The former morning show host, who was in Orlando from 2002-05, was hawking a GPS. A quick check on the web found that she’s been with QVC since June 2007. The last I heard of Shawn was during her appearance on the Martha Stewart version of The Apprentice on NBC in 2005.

You can check out her personal website here.

WFTV’s Daralene Jones grills Magic’s Bob Vander Weide over fake report

Bob Vander Weide and Daralene JonesIt was a bit bizarre and a little awkward during the Orlando Magic’s news conference on Wednesday as Bob Vander Weide announced his retirement as the team’s CEO. His sudden departure has rumors flying on the Internet — but it’s facts we’re after.

Unfortunately, WFTV-Channel 9 news reporter Daralene Jones aggressively questioned Vander Weide about his decision — and quoted a made-up conversation between the Magic exec and Dwight Howard, created by writer Barry Petchesky at

“Did you drunk-dial Dwight Howard?” Jones asked. She then interrupted Vander Weide during his answer to ask again, “You called him, but you weren’t drunk?” Vander Weide said he had two or three glasses of wine over a three-hour period but wasn’t drunk.

Jones then quoted from the post, asking, “Do you recall saying ‘Me and Otis and Stan [Van Gundy], we don’t want you to go anywhere. We suck without you. Everyone knows. We’ve got nothing else. Orlando is a terrible place, and we’ve got the Amway thing, but who the [“f”] cares?’ Do you recall saying any of that?”

Vander Weide said he wouldn’t discuss any conversation he had with Howard.

Jones persisted. “The people of Orlando spent a lot of money on this venue and they would probably want to know if you are out there trashing the city.” Vander Weide said he’s not doing that, he loves Orlando and he will keep a home here.

(Watch raw video of the the exchange for yourself — it starts around the 22:05 mark)

After the odd episode was chronicled by George Diaz of the Orlando Sentinel and blogger Evan Dunlap on Orlando Pinstriped Post, Petchesky responded on …

So I wrote an imaginary voicemail message from Vander Weide to Howard. I filled it with the “I love you man’s” and exaggerated emotions common to every late-night drunk call ever, and threw in some shots at Orlando and the Magic. … At no point did I write that this was fake, but I also never claimed it was an actual conversation. If you have to make clear that something [is] satire, you’ve failed. Conversely, if people are fooled into thinking it’s real, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve succeeded. Plenty of people were fooled, both on Twitter and in the comments of my post. And apparently Daralene Jones and Alyssa Newcomb of ABC News, who also ran with the “report” that Vander Weide told Howard the Magic would “suck” without him.

There are so many “major fails” involved in this episode, it’s hard to keep track of all of them. But I think you can figure that out on your own.

Was Jim Van Fleet criticizing Orlando, Fox 35 in interview?

The homepage of's site with its Jim Van Fleet story.

I guess this one depends on your point of view. You can take some comments made by former WOFL-Fox 35 morning meteorologist Jim Van Fleet as either a diss at Orlando TV news or someone who’s just telling it like it is.

In an interview with St. Petersburg Times TV writer Eric Deggans, Van Fleet was asked to talk about his new job as the chief met at Tampa’s WTSP-CBS 10 — a job he started Monday.

“I’m actually here…and allowed to be on air,” joked Van Fleet Monday, referring to the contract issues which kept him from appearing on WTSP until his agreement with Orlando Fox station WOFL-TV fully expired. “That was Triple A, and now I’m ready for the majors.” blogger Scott Jones interpreted Van Fleet’s comments as a dig at Fox 35 and O-Town. Wrote Jones: “Not sure how calling his old station and market the minor leagues is going to go over with his former co-workers? But, we’re guessing they won’t be happy knowing they are just scrubs that can’t make it in the ‘Majors.’ ”

I’m willing to give Van Fleet the benefit of the doubt on this given that (a) he left a morning weather position to become a chief meteorologist, and (b) Orlando is the No. 19 television market, and Tampa is No. 14. In that respect, I could see how his new job is like the “majors” compared with ‘Triple A” Orlando. What do you think?

Lisa Bell joins WKMG, Jayme King to Fox 35 and Jim Van Fleet starts job

Lisa BellSome personnel moves for a couple of Orlando TV news stations …

Former News 13 morning anchor Lisa Bell is coming back to Orlando TV news. In January, she’ll be a reporter and occasional anchor on WKMG-Local 6.  “She will report for the 5, 6 and 7 p.m. news and fill in as anchor wherever we need her,” WKMG General Manager Skip Valet told Orlando Sentinel TV Guy Hal Boedeker. After working at the cable news station for four years, Bell left News 13 during the summer — and many viewers wondered what happened to her. Turns out she was just “on the beach.” …

Fox 35 has hired a new morning meteorologist to replace Jim Van Fleet. Jayme King is expected to join WOFL sometime early next year. He comes from Fox-owned sister station KSAZ in Phoenix. The Orlando Sentinel reports that King is a South Florida native whose weather experience included a first-hand encounter with Hurricane Andrew. …

Meanwhile, Jim Van Fleet began his new job in Tampa on Monday as chief meteorologist at WTSP-CBS 10. The station welcomed Van Fleet by inviting viewers to post questions for the new weather guy on Facebook, and he answered some of them during the 5 and 6 p.m. telecasts.

Jim Van Fleet offers one of his first forecasts at the new chief meteorologist at WTSP.