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Antenna TV lands on WRDQ’s 27.2 subchannel

Somehow I missed this when it happened, but WRDQ recently added Antenna TV on its digital 27.2 subchannel.

Much like Me TV on WESH’s Channel 2.2, Antenna TV features classic TV shows — but the fare is a little more recent than MeTV. We’re talking 70’s and 80’s shows on Antenna, like Three’s Company and Married With Children. Still, good stuff — and in my view an upgrade over the RTV fare that WRDQ was airing on previously on 27.2.

If you have Bright House cable, you can watch Antenna TV on channel 465. It’s on channel 210 on Comcast, too. And with good, old rabbit ears, it’s on 27.2, of course. Get the program schedule and learn more about Antenna TV here.

(Full disclosure: I work for Tribune Co., which is the parent of Antenna TV — but that has nothing to do with me liking the programming.)

In other news …

  • So much for Orlando TV News going crazy over murder trials. When the jury in the Bob Ward trial returned its guilty verdict on Saturday morning, it appears only WFTV and WOFL broke into programming to air it. The other stations ran the video on their websites. Seemed a bit anticlimactic considering the amount of air time they gave coverage of the trial.
  • WUCF TV finished its first PBS pledge drive, and pulled in $60,000, Orlando Sentinel TV Guy Hal Boedeker reports. Even though this drive is over, the station will always need funds. Between drives, or during a drive, you can make a donation here.
  • Speaking PBS, when is WMFE-TV supposed to switch to its new religious format? It’s still airing the V-Me programming.

More Orlando and Florida TV history added to the site

These 1975 ads for Channel 2 News with Dave Walker, Dave Marsh and Ken Brown are some of the many that have been added.

So now you’ll know why you haven’t seen many story updates recently on the site. We’ve been busy adding content in other areas — continuing to build the television history scrapbook for Orlando and for Florida. Here’s some of the new stuff on the site:

  • Our Orlando TV ad section has grown, now with more than 600 newspaper advertisements for our local stations. Look at the Orlando TV ad section here.
  • We’ve also divided the Orlando TV ad galleries by stations. Just scroll over the navigation at the top for WESH, WKMG, WFTV and WOFL to see their specific galleries.
  • Wonder what was on Orlando TV in its early years? We’ve compiled sample TV schedules for the first 25 years of Orlando television, from 1954 to 1978. See the year-by-year Orlando TV schedules here.
  • Miami is where television started in the Sunshine State, and there’s great history down south. Our gallery for South Florida stations has grown to more than 300 newspaper ads, going back to the start of TV there in 1949. See the South Florida TV ad gallery here.
  • What about other nearby markets? We’ve started work on those and invite you to check out the Tampa Bay TV station ad gallery, with more than 80 ads so far. The Jacksonville TV station ad gallery is now also up, with some 20 images.

You can access all of the above and more in our navigation at the top of the page. Just look under the “More TV” tab. And keep checking as we continue to add to all of those sections.

Heart-warming puppy story draws attention to WESH

Michelle Meredith, one of my favorite Orlando TV news reporters, did this report on WESH 2 News about a poor pooch who was left in the trash. Thanks to help from some animal lovers, little pitbull “Harper” is learning to walk and will be up for adoption soon. says the video is starting to go viral.

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September ratings: Most Orlando news down year-over-year

So much for keeping the audience that was glued to Orlando TV news stations during the Casey Anthony trial. In the just completed September ratings period, most of the O-Town stations saw year-over-year declines in household and demo numbers for nearly every newscast. One of the few bright spots was WOFL-Fox 35 — which increased its 5, 10 and 11 p.m. news audiences over the same period from 2010. Read the full ratings report from TV Guy Hal Boedeker. And read the 2010 September ratings here.

5 p.m. weeknights (households):

  • WFTV with 77,700 (86,800 in 2010)
  • WESH with 51,000 (66,700 in 2010)
  • WOFL with 31,000 (27,000 in 2010)
  • WKMG with 18,600 (no 5 p.m. news in 2010)

5 p.m. weekdays (25-54 demo):

  • WFTV with 19,400 (31,400 in 2010)
  • WESH with 18,800 (27,300 in 2010),
  • WOFL with 12,900 (11,900 in 2010),
  • WKMG with 7,000 (no 5 p.m news in 2010)

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Republicans come to town, and Fox 35 will be there

The latest in the series of debates for the Republican candidates seeking to oust President Obama takes place in Orlando on Thursday night.

The Presidency 5 debate will be televised by Fox News Channel from 8-11 p.m. In a bit of corporate synergy, Fox 35 will air part of its 11 p.m. newscast from the debate.

“Late assignment. Will anchor live from ‘Presidency 5’ at the OC Convention Center Thursday. Every GOP Presidential candidate will be there,” WOFL anchor Cale Ramaker tweeted on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, if you missed it, there’s a great Orlando Sentinel Q&A with Fox 35 GM Dennis Welsh, who discussed what he’s doing to make WOFL’s newscasts stand out in crowded Orlando TV news scene. Check it out here.

While No. 1 in our hearts, Orlando is still No. 19 with Nielsen

Some quick takes on Orlando TV news before the holiday weekend …

The Nielsen market rankings for the 2011-2012 TV season have been released, and Orlando remained No. 19 in the nation. Nielsen estimated the Orlando-Daytona Beach-Melbourne market grew from 1,453,120 TV homes in 2010 to 1,465,460 this year. We continue to gain ground on No. 18 Cleveland-Akron, which Nielsen said lost about 12,000 TV homes. See the full Nielsen list here. …

The Orlando Sentinel reports that memorial services for longtime Orlando TV anchor Scott Harris have been set for Sept. 8 at Bourne Chapel at Lake Highland Prep Middle School, 741 N. Mills Ave., Orlando. The service will start at 7 p.m. Sentinel colleague Scott Maxwell had another great column on Harris, who died earlier this week at age 64. …

Former WFTV-Channel 9 anchor Robert Maxwell, who left Orlando for a gig at KTVX-ABC 4 in Salt Lake City two years ago, has been taken off the 4, 5, 6, 9 and 10 p.m. news shows. says he’s been told his contact is not being renewed. …

Former WESH 2 News reporter Jeff Lennox, who left the station and the TV biz in April for a job with AAA in Tampa, is coming back to TV. NewsBlues reports that Lennox announced on his Facebook page that he would start at WSVN-Fox 7 in Miami later this month. …

The great site reports that former WFTV meteorologist Tom Johnston will be forecasting again in the Sunshine State, taking the morning gig at Jacksonville dupopoly WAWS-Fox 30 / WTEV-CBS 47. …

And, finally, thanks to all of you who emailed comments about our new galleries showcasing newspaper ads from TV stations in Orlando and South Florida. I am excited to say that I have already added about 50 more images to the South Florida gallery, including ads for long-gone TV stations WFTL/WGBS-Channel 23 (Florida’s third TV station) and and WITV-Channel 17 (the state’s seventh TV station). See the South Florida gallery here.