WMFE, WRDQ, WVEN to turn off analog signals next week

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Three Orlando TV stations have notified the FCC they plan to turn off their analog signals next Tuesday — the date originally set for analog’s end.

Public broadcaster WMFE-Ch. 24, independent WRDQ-Ch. 27 and Univision’s WVEN-Ch. 26 all decided not to extend their analog broadcasting to the government’s new cut-off date in June, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

Why turn off the analog signals now and go with only a digital signal? Money. Cash-strapped WMFE can save $10,000 a month by turning off its analog transmitter. “It is a substantial cost to WMFE to maintain the analog signal for four more months,” WMFE president Jose Fajardo said. “In these difficult economic times, this is an unbudgeted cost the station cannot incur.”

All other local stations plan to continue broadcasting in both analog and digital beyond Tuesday. WFTV-Ch. 9 confirmed it keep its analog signal at the new deadline, June 12.

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