WKMG Expands Newscasts

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You may have seen the promos touting Local 6 newscasts now being presented in digital widescreen. Yep, the newscasts have gotten wider.

Unfortunately, all WKMG has done is expand the old analog-size 4:3 ratio picture to fill the new digital-size 16:9 ratio screens on digital TVs. What that has done on digital TVs is make everyone on WKMG look a little shorter and a little fatter. That’s not something most folks would thrilled about. On the plus side, the new stretched picture does get rid of the gray bars that used to frame the old 4:3 ratio picture on digital TVs.

I posed the question awhile back, wondering which Orlando TV station will be the first to broadcast the news in HD. I suppose this is a step toward that, but I guess we still have a long way to go.

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