Wicked weather disrupts sports, Casey Anthony coverage

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It’s not just Casey Anthony who can scramble Orlando TV programming. Mother Nature also has some clout.

Late afternoon tornado warnings on Saturday disrupted Orlando’s already mixed-up TV programming. Sports fans hoping to watch the U.S. Open golf tournament on WESH-2 and the Yankees-Cubs baseball game of the week on Fox 35 had to settle for split-screen coverage. [Update: A reader noted that WFTV left NASCAR coverage at the start of its storm coverage.] After briefly returning to regular programming around 7 p.m., Orlando’s stations were back in a flash with more weather warnings. The last batch even managed to knock off WFTV-Channel 9’s weekly Casey recap special. It will be rescheduled.

Despite four separate tornado warnings over two hours, there were no confirmed twisters. A look below at Orlando TV on Saturday afternoon:

WESH-2, which moved the U.S. Open to sister station WKCF-CW 18 during the week, shrinks coverage on Saturday to make way to weather warnings.
WOFL-Fox 35 broke into the baseball game of the week with its weather warnings. Even though it kept the split screen throughout the tornado warnings, it did resume audio from the Yankees-Cubs game from time to time.
WFTV-Channel 9 was able to air a few minutes of its weekly Casey Anthony trial recap before having to ditch it completely for more severe weather coverage.


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  1. You failed to mention WFTV cut COMPLETELY away from a NASCAR race with less than 20 laps to go. The finally went to a split screen with about 5 laps to go. Reminded me of the Heidi game between the Jets and Raiders in the late sixties. But what do you expect from a second class operation……

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