WESH’s ‘bland newscasts’ cited

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"Bland newscasts [that] lack a distinctive style."

That’s how Orlando Sentinel TV Critic Hal Boedeker characterizes WESH 2 News. It was part of a Sunday feature on the state of the city’s newscasts. He says top-rated WFTV "delivers fast-paced Eyewitness News with businesslike determination," and WKMG "has hit on a formula of offering reports that make viewers switch away from WFTV or stay up at 11."

It’s an interesting read. Click here to find out what else Boedeker said about local news.

More notes to start the week:

> Traffic reporter needed, no experience necessary.

That’s the help-wanted ad WKMG is placing — seeking you, me or anyone else who wants to try traffic reporting to replace Secily Wilson on Local 6 First News. "We’ll know what we’re looking for when we see it," WKMG ND Susan Forbes told the Sentinel. "They’ll be given a script. Each person gets about a minute. We’ll narrow it down and see what we find." A la American Idol, viewers will be invited to vote on the on-air performances, although the vote is meaningless for the most part. The auditions will be April 23 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at WKMG’s studios at 4466 John Young Parkway. But really — don’t get me started on what it says about your news department when its reduced to pulling a stunt like.

> Some real O-Town broadcast journalists WITH experience have been recognized in the 2007 Society of Professional Journalists’ Sunshine State Awards. Finalists for this year’s contest were revealed over the weekend. Winners will be announced May 19. Among the local finalists:

  • Deadline Reporting: Erik von Ancken and Alfred Mason, WKMG, "Firestorm Closes In"
  • Sports Feature/Commentary: Scott A. Fais and Neil Petagno, Central Florida News 13, "Grand Slam Colin"
  • Criminal Justice Reporting: Tony Pipitone, Darran Caudle, Tim Arnheim and Brent Singleton, WKMG, "Cheerleaders Betrayed"
  • Political/Government Reporting: Tony Pipitone, Darran Caudle, Scott Noland and Tim Arnhein, WKMG, "Toll Agency Troubles"
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