Thief gets into WFTV, steals from employees

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Looks like WKMG’s new "Catch A Criminal" feature could have a new subject — the guy who robbed workers at WFTV this week.

According to Channel 9’s Web site, the station’s security cameras caught the thief trying to get into a locked employee entrance around 9:45 a.m. — during regular business hours. "Then he walked around the building, past the live vans to the back, where he slipped in a side door. He walked inside and stole debit cards from five WFTV employees," the story said. Those employees later saw thousands of dollars worth of charges on their debit cards.

Police think the man may be the same person who got into the Orlando Sentinel’s building and stole from employees there. Police said almost every large office building in downtown Orlando has been targeted by thieves, who have gotten away with cash, credit cards and even computers — all the time posing as workers or visitors in the buildings.

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