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Following up on the item about the two WKMG reporters who posted on, listing themselves as 15 year olds …

Heard from several people, including one person who said he was a friend of the women, who explained this is a common practice on the MySpace site to keep some privacy.

Another agreed, "The only way to hide your profile is to change your birthday to 14 or 15. The police actually encourage it in order to protect your information. If you list your age over that then anyone can read your profile, stories, and see your friends! Most users are listed this way … duh!"

Duh, indeed! That was news to me. Anytime I see adults posing as 15 year olds, I get suspicious. But apparently that suspicion was misplaced.

Meanwhile, the MySpace pages for Jessica D’Onofrio and Jessica Sanchez now list their real ages.

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