Area TV station asks if its anchor smokes pot

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Is your anchorman high while giving you the latest news at 6 and 11? No. Well, probably no.

But back in the ’70s …

In compiling our ever growing collection of Florida TV newspaper ads, we came across this, uh, unusual one for Tampa station WLCY-Channel 10 (now WTSP-CBS 10). It’s from 1971 and asks the question about anchorman Marshall Cleaver … and then anwers “No!”

The ad probably grabbed more attention than Cleaver’s newscast grabbed viewers on ratings-challenged WLCY. A quick Internet search found that before moving over to TV, Cleaver was the father of talk radio in Tampa Bay, and hosted a late night show that focused “on flying saucers & other phenomena.” So, perhaps that’s why the station felt the need to ask and answer the question.

You can see this ad and many other new ones that have been added to our Tampa TV station collection. Also, we’ve added a West Palm Beach station collection too.

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