Sabrina Fein leaves Fox 35; WESH adds more Aixa Diaz

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Sabrina Fine posing in Orlando Style magazine
Sabrina Fine posing in Orlando Style magazine
Sabrina Fine posing in Orlando Style magazine
Sabrina Fine posing in Orlando Style magazine

A couple of changes to report on the local news scene…

WOFL-Fox 35 meteorologist/traffic reporter Sabrina Fein — declared by some to be the “hottest” woman on Orlando TV — has left O-Town. Posting on her Facebook fan page on May 19, Fein wrote, “For all of you that are wondering and asking, I have decided to take a short break from the news business and refocus my career in Los Angeles. Thank you all for participating in this page and I am hopeful that you will still follow me and my career. Take care for now. – Sabrina xoxo.” Reading more comments on the page, it appears that WOFL wanted to move her off the weather beat. …

Meanwhile over at WESH, anchor Aixa Diaz is getting more air time. She’s been taken off the weekend shift and now co-anchors WESH 2 News on CW18 from 7-9 a.m. each Monday through Friday. The move is likely tied to WESH’s 4:30 a.m. news start-up. Syan Rhodes, who previously anchored the two morning shifts on WESH and WKCF with Jason Guy, is on the desk at 4:30 now and  does only the WESH Sunrise morning shows and noon news. …

And WESH’s time to brag that it had the only HD-equipped helicopter in Central Florida was short-lived. WFTV showed off HD pictures from “Skywitness HD” during its newscasts last week.

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  1. Amazing aixa ( stupid name) when she 1st started was given a great story that any anchor would want and also put as main anchor (leaving Erica) to be on the streets for most of the time. I guess her hispanic heritage paid off! Bytheway when Erica woke up this morning and looked in her closet did she say, hmmm I’ll pick the street party halter top with my back & breast showing to go on live tv as an anchor instead of a nice buttoned up shirt? Guess that’s why aixa (stupid name) put her out on the streets!

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