Quick hits: WESH’s Share Your Christmas, and paying for Casey coverage

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Four Friday quick hits to end the work week:

  • With the economy being in the tank, WESH’s annual Share Your Christmas takes on added importance. The drive is already under way in its planning stages. The station has posted a list of needed items and is listing where the drop-off points will be during its collection drive, Dec. 8-12. The station is also looking for volunteers. To get the full scoop, click here and help.
  • If we’ve learned anything from the Caylee Anthony coverage, it’s that network news isn’t as pure as we might like to believe. National blogs have reported that the Anthony family received $200,000 from ABC for its 20/20 episode about the missing toddler. NBC shelled out a reported $5,000 this week for George and Cindy to appear in New York 
    on the Today show. The money doesn’t actually come for agreeing to an interview — the networks are adamant about that — but for “licensing” photos and other materials used in the interview. Yeah, right. It’s checkbook journalism — something local stations aren’t doing (I hope). Read more here.
  • Speaking of the Anthony case, whose the local reporter who has gained the most from coverage of the saga? I think it would have to be WFTV’s Kathi Belich. Whether aggressively shouting questions at Caylee or others, or appearing at night on Nancy Grace, Belich seems to be the local TV reporter most associated with the cast.  But kudos also to WKMG’s Jessica Sanchez, who I believe broke the news that the grand jury would be seated to decide whether to indict Casey Anthony.
  • Have you see the new WKMG fall image promos? Have you sort of shook you head while watching? I’ve had a couple of people mention these spots — some which are a little bizarre. Such as parents making out when their kids come home, or snubbing a future employer in the elevator. The tag line comes in two parts — Never miss a moment; always here for you.” Cute yes, but how does this relate to a television station? I think Channel 6 has had some of the best promos in the market, but this campaign is a little off. Here’s a video to check out one of the promos.




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