WESH joins Casey Anthony coverage parade

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After ending up as the only network broadcast station in town not to be offering wall-to-wall coverage of the Casey Anthony trial, WESH 2 will join the crowd on Wednesday.

“We took a deliberate approach and put our resources online and into newscasts,” WESH General Manager Jim Carter told the Orlando Sentinel. “The interest continues to be overwhelming. We feel with our people we can do a terrific job, a better job than others.”

WESH will move its regular programming to digital channel 2.2 when showing Casey Anthony coverage on its main channel.

Why did WESH blink? I had someone who used to be in the TV news biz explain that Casey coverage could be a game-changer in the TV ratings pecking order. Depending on what station viewers gravitate to for coverage, that decision could change their nightly TV news habits. We’ll see.

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