Reporters Shouldn’t Play in Traffic

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Some news nuggets for you …

>> While watching WFTV’s Eyewitness News on Monday night, I was more concerned about the safety of reporter Jodie Fleischer than what she was reporting. For a story about a plan to relieve traffic woes on the Turnpike and U.S. 192, Fleisher did a live shot sitting atop a concrete barrier in the middle of a toll lane. Sure, she had on one of those safety vests … but would that really protect her with all those cars whizzing by? Watching the report made me a little uncomfortable.

>> According to Internet rumors on, O-Town’s Fox-owned sister stations WOFL and WRBW could be getting a new sibling in their News Corp. family today. Supposedly, according to the chatter, Fox is going to buy Miami Fox affiliate WSVN from Sunbeam. The announcement, the posters say, will come down today. We’ll see, but I’m a bit skeptical.

>> Todd Jurkowski, who has bounced between Fort Myers and Orlando several times in his TV career, returned to O-Town airwaves this past weekend in his new role as weekend anchor at WKMG.

>> Get those blue tarps ready. In a report on its website, Central Florida News 13 says the first official hurricane prediction of the year is out … and it’s expected to be an above average season.

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