Prank or Sweeps Story in the Making?

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I received an e-mail late last week saying to check out two postings on the popular site

The first link was to a 15-year-old girl named Jessica (top left) who lives in Orlando. The second link was to another girl named "Lady J" (top right), this one saying she is 15, lives in Orlando and "If it weren’t for Myspace I’d have no friends."

What’s interesting is the "girls" in the photos look very, very similar to WKMG reporters Jessica D’Onofrio (bottom left) and Jessica Sanchez (bottom right).

So, is this a hoax, a prank … or possibly part of a Local 6 sweeps story trying to find out if anyone will attempt to pick up these "underage" girls? You decide.

I’m totally in favor of getting scuzzballs off the street, but this sure seems to raise a lot of ethical questions about doing

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