Ike takes a swipe at WFTV crew in Texas

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 WFTV sent its Mobile Cam to Texas to record Hurricane Ike’s landfall this past week. The Channel 9 crew got an eyefull of Ike.

According to WFTV.com, the station’s crew was riding in its Hummer when the storm made landfall on Saturday morning. As the Hummer was going along Interstate 45, it was hit by debris from a dock. The impact into the side of the vehicle caused a tire to blow out — which the crew had to change during the storm.

I’m not sure, but I suspect this could be the same Hummer WFTV was touting during its coverage of Hurricane Fay in flood-ravaged Brevard County.

Regardless of what vehicle its in, WFTV’s mobile came is pretty cool. It’s amazing how technology keeps changing.

You can read more about the WFTV crew’s experience with Ike by clicking here.

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