Former O-Town anchor: What’s his name?

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Clayton Morris
Clayton Morris

Former Daily Buzz anchor Clayton Morris has moved on to bigger and better things from his Orlando morning show days, now working with Fox News Channel’s Fox & Friends show.

But the Fox suits apparently weren’t laughing on Friday when Morris played a joke in a video.

During the Fox Flash video segment for, Morris introduced himself as Fox anchor Steve Doocy. He concluded the video segment — you guessed it — by again identifying himself as Doocy.

Was this a case of just reading what was on the teleprompter and not thinking? Apparently not. reports, “apparently Morris was not reading from a TelePrompTer but was making a ‘hilarious’ joke. What a laugh riot.”

The HuffingtonPost reported that the Fox suits were not laughing: “A Fox News insider says, ‘It was wishful thinking on Morris’ part, and executives didn’t find it amusing.’ ”

Maybe Morris will be back in O-Town soon? Check out the video from below:

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