Flying saucers! How did stations miss this?

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Actually that headline is a tease. We’ll have more on that later in this post. But first …

> Have you been seeing those promos on Local 6: "Ping! is coming" they proclaim. Yeah, I’m a little slow. I finally put it together with the impending arrival of new sports anchor David Pingalore. So, scratch that off your list of things to wonder about …

> We told you about WESH meteorologist Tony Mainolfi’s 20-day, 20-location trip along the Central Florida coast. In addition to doing his live shots, he’s also writing short stories about the experience. Read Tony’s Scrapbook here.

> April was a record month for traffic on I’ll have more details for you soon, but I thought I would share the top 3 stories that you made the most popular on the site this past month:

  1. WESH flying high with its new Chopper 2
  2. When Louisiana live shots go bad (too bad the video was taken down)
  3. Angry worker confronts WFTV crew

Now, back to our top story in this very, very slow news day …

> UFOs attacking our beloved theme parks! The Orange County Visitors Bureau declaring itself a provisional government! That’s the premise of a new film by a couple of local brothers, James and Robert Dastoli. "Southwestern Orange County vs. the Flying Saucers" has been nominated for an MTV Movie Award. And in case you’re wondering how our local TV stations might have missed flying saucers attacking us, don’t worry. In the movie, "Local 12" — which actually looks a lot like Fox 35 — helps keep O-Town viewers informed about the attack. Actually, it’s a cool movie and worth a watch. The Sentinel’s Roger Moore has a copy of the 16-minute film posted on his blog here.

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