And we’re back … what’s up?

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Yes, let the TV news start flowing again. After a summer break, is back online. What have I been doing? Working too much, but also enjoying the rain forests of beautiful Costa Rica and deciding that riding a zip line is now among my favorite things to do. We also discovered that the spirit of the Crocodile Hunter exists in some crazy Costa Ricans.

But even hundreds of miles away from the U.S. in Central America, you can’t escape American TV. In Costa Rica, for example, DirecTV is all the rage — bringing the American-friendly locals programming from ABC and CBS. There are also different versions of Fox — in English and en Espanol. The biggest surprises: The WB network lives and is still on the air in Central America, as is the Sony Channel. Those channels show programs produced by their American studios. But Costa Ricans love American TV. We asked a couple of people what they like to watch, and they said their favorite shows are Grey’s Anatomy, Lost and CSI: Miami.

Anyway, back to the news. Among the many emails I received while I was gone was one from a WESH insider predicting big, big changes coming to 2 soon. Anyone have any additional info?

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