Orlando TV news covers final space shuttle launch

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The final launch of the space shuttle on Friday capped what arguably has been one of the busiest news weeks ever for Orlando TV news. Like the shuttle program, the Casey Anthony story is starting to wind down. But if the launch of Atlantis was any indication, some of the local TV innovations from the Casey saga will stay with us for awhile.

WFTV-9 moved its mobile courthouse studio over to the Kennedy Space Center, where Bob Opsahl anchored the final shuttle launch. WKMG-6 can’t seem to break out of wall-to-wall coverage — pre-empting CBS’ Early Show and other daytime programming to provide non-stop shuttle launch coverage all Friday morning. In another holdover of the Casey Anthony trial, Local 6 displayed online blog comments during the shuttle launch — the same thing it did during the trial.

Here’s a quick look at how Orlando TV news covered the final space shuttle launch:

Channel 6 displays comments from its live blog during the shuttle Atlantis launch.
WFTV's mobile courthouse studio (left) becomes its space center studio for Atlantis.
Axia Diaz and veteran space reporter Dan Billow anchor coverage on WESH.
Fox 35 had anchor Cale Ramaker on site for the launch of Atlantis.
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  1. WKMG “can’t seem to break out of wall-to-wall coverage?” Roger, this was THE FINAL shuttle launch, not just another shuttle launch. I think the other stations in town way underplayed this historic day. WKMG did the best job, hands down.

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