O-Town Gets Notice on Colbert Report

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Orlando received a TV shout-out from Comedy Central’s Colbert Report, quite possibly the funniest show on television.

Host Stephen Colbert, in a segment called “Who’s Attacking Me Now?,” took Orlando Sentinel columnist Commander Coconut to task … for making fun of his ears. Colbert, in a phone interview with the Commander, depicted the Sentinel as a tree house and the Commander as, well, a coconut.

Said Colbert about the Commander, “He’s got a real name, but I can’t reveal it. His column is so hard-hitting, he has to maintain his anonymity. I believe he was given the name Commander Coconut by the Witness Protection Program — so he could blend in to the Florida landscape.”

The clip is here on the Comedy Central site. Go to the “Who’s Attacking Me Now?” part of the page.

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