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Paraphrasing Mark Twain, reports of’s death have been greatly exaggerated.

Your favorite Orlando TV website is back up and running after more than week of technical problems. Here’s what happened: is one of several websites I have, but it’s the one with the most traffic. And with a decade’s worth of postings, video and screen grabs, there’s a lot of bandwidth used by visitors. My websites reside on a shared server — sharing rented digital space with other folks’ websites at a web hosting company. But for reasons that still aren’t totally clear, there was a surge of traffic to on Nov. 28 that took it and all of ¬†the other websites on the sever down. The hosting company kept my sites offline as a precaution and demanded that I move to a special dedicated server before they would restore it. No problem, except that the monthly cost of web hosting on dedicated server is what I previously paid for an entire year of shared hosting services.

After agreeing to go to the special server, some databases got crossed during the move, and I was missing all the Orlando TV posts from the past year and a half. Granted I don’t blog as much as I used to, but that’s still a lot of information to lose. Fortunately, those posts were “found” today, and the site is back up and running again. I’m calling it a mini Christmas miracle.

I’ll be working to solve the traffic/bandwidth problems so I can migrate once again — back to the lower-priced shared server. Until then, enjoy the site and happy holidays!

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