Not Everybody Gets Fox at 5

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Turns out not everyone can watch WOFL’s new early evening newscast. And it has nothing to do with its content.

Fox’s Orlando duopoly of WOFL and WRBW is really a triopoly, since Fox-owned WOGX-Channel 51 in Ocala is also run out of Fox 35’s Lake Mary studios. Fox 51 has its own programming schedule and different syndicated shows than its Orlando big brother. But when it comes to news, the station has traditionally simulcasted Fox 35’s morning and 10 p.m. news. They just slap a blue Fox 51 logo on top of the red Fox 35 logo in the left corner of the screen.

But according to one Ocala resident, WOFL’s new Fox at 5 newscast hasn’t made the cut for WOGX’s schedule. Instead of early evening news from Orlando, the Ocala-Gainesville area is getting Seinfeld reruns on Fox 51 at 5 p.m. each day.

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