No charges for hoe-swinging grandma

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WESH and WOFL will not press charges against the hoe-swinging grandma who attacked their news crews earlier this week. But if some folks had their way, there would be charges filed against the news crews.

First, the stations’ points of view. “While the incident and the woman’s actions are disturbing, and in my opinion criminal, our employees have at this time decided to not pursue charges against her,” WESH News Director Bob Longo told Sentinel TV Guy Hal Boedeker. Fox 35 GM Stan Knott told Boedeker, “Obviously, the lady was very upset. Fortunately, none of our guys was hit or hurt. It’s just a good reminder to keep your head up. It’s wild.”

Boedeker reported the story on his Sentinel blog. At least 40 comments were left on the posting — with a surprising number supporting grandma. A sampling of the comments: “Maybe some of these TV people should think about knock on someone’s door and shoving a camera in their face” … “Shows the intelligence of reporters and journalist in general” … “The news crews were out of line. Lucky she only had a hoe.”

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