New GM hints of changes at Local 6

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Former Local 6 news director Skip Valet returned to WKMG last week as its new general manager. He’s replacing retiring GM Henry Maldonado — and it sounds like he’s ready to get to work to push WKMG out of the ratings cellar.

In an interview with the Orlando Sentinel, Valet said, “I don’t think a great newscast is defined by the number of hours. I don’t think people are clamoring for more and more news. People want a real, honest accounting of what happened in our town. They get sick of repetition.”

So, does that mean viwers should expect to see elimination of some newscasts at WKMG?  “Or expanding somewhere else. We have to figure out where the viewers are. You’ll see an ever-increasing presence by us on the Internet,” Valet said.

One thing that will remain the same at WKMG: on-air editorials. Valet said he will continue to practice started under Maldonado of having the station GM deliver commentaries.

Read the full Q&A with Valet here.

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