New Fox 35 stars: Momma Hawk, chicks

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A week ago I told you about a mother hawk that had taken up residence above Fox 35’s studios — causing the station to stop its outdoor weather segments because the hawk didn’t like having folks near its nest. I suggested Fox install a live Web cam so we could watch the hawk and her chicks.

Today, I turned on Fox 35 in the morning to see the station promoting its new MyFoxLIVE Hawk Cam. (Wow, is this what they mean by interactive TV — I ask and then it appears?)

Here’s what it says on Fox’s Web site: "A red-shouldered hawk has decided a tree outside the FOX 35 studios is a perfect place to raise her babies. After a few confrontations, we have figured out a way to live in harmony. Any time you feel a little stressed out today at work, or just plain bored, come back here for a little bird watching!"

Whether or not they added the cam because of my post, it’s still a very cool feature. Momma Hawk was busy feeding her chicks some breakfast when I was watching. Click here to watch the MyFoxLIVE Hawk cam.

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