‘Nappy Ho’ ad on Local 6 Web site

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While cruising the Internet on Sunday night looking for items for this week, I came across a slideshow on Local6.com about the "world’s largest Great Dane." While viewing the photos, I noticed the "sponsored links" on the right side of the screen.

Under the label "Ads by Google," the advertisement reads: "Nappy Ho for President. This Ho needs money for 08. Contribute to Bills [sic] ho today!" Then there’s a link to hillaryclinton.com — which did indeed go to the candidate’s Web site.

Now, I don’t blame WKMG for this bit of tastelessness or even Internet Broadcasting, which produces the Local6.com site for the Orlando station. The blame likely falls on the folks at Google, who apparently allowed this to go through on their ad network.

But it does highlight a problem with many Web sites, which essential turn over their national advertising slots to groups like Google — who then program ads for specific topics or locations without the Web site’s control.

It’s just that since we all know the origin of the "nappy ho" comment, it seems an even more egregious mistake for allowing this to show up on a broadcaster’s Web site.

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