More house cleaning at Local 6: Eric Wilson out?

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It’s been a wild summer at WKMG-Local 6. And apparently it’s not over.

The big shocker: longtime anchor Jacqueline London was let go, as was longtime reporter Donald Forbes. Now comes word that a relative newcomer is gone too. is reporting that Local 6 morning meteorologist Eric Wilson “was given his walking papers.”

According to the website, “Sources says [sic] he was was called into the GM’s office after the noon show and told that he would no longer be the AM and Noon meteorologist.  Word is he still [has] six months to go on his contract. They’ve offered to let him stay on the air on the weekends until it expires, but word is he said he will not return to the air.”

Sure enough, on Tuesday morning, Troy Bridges was doing the morning weather in place of Wilson.

Wilson arrived in Orlando in December 2007, coming from Post-Newsweek sister station WDIV in Detroit.

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  1. I think this is pure crap, excuse my french. I can’t believe you finally get a weather man with integrity and a good heart, not to mention the best meteorolgist since Larry, and you let him go? what the (*&^.
    I guess Channel 9 will be our new choice for weather. I am somtimes very sorry to be a Floridian.

  2. Well, that is just another stupid move you have made channel six morning news. Eric was my favorite personality on the whole show. If you want to get rid of someone, you should have got rid of the other Eric, Eric Wilson. He is so goofy that it is not funny but sad. After two years of watching the morning news, I agree with Mr. Erick Webber, so long.

  3. I switched from Channel 9 to Channel 6 news in the morning because you got rid of the blonde traffic girl. She was terrible. I fell in love with Eric Wilson and Eric Weber. They made everyone in our household laugh at 6 AM. Now Jackie is gone. Keep getting rid of the good ones and I’ll be watching Channel 9 again.

  4. I switched from Channel 9 to Channel 6 news in the morning because you got rid of the blonde traffic girl. She was terrible. I fell in love with Eric Wilson and Eric Weber. They made everyone in our household laugh at 6 AM. Now Jackie is gone. Keep getting rid of the good ones and I’ll be watching Channel 9 again.

  5. I really am sorry to see that the management decided to let Eric go. He gave a very informative weather forecast. If general management had to make some cuts maybe it should have been in the area of the management and NOT in people reporting news and weather. The station isn’t the same anymore without our favorites so it’s time we change the channel on Local 6 news!

  6. As a Michigander moving to the Villages in June of 2007, I was surprised to see Eric Wilson on Local 6, but VERY happy! It was so nice to feel like I didn’t leave everything behind. He shouldn’t have been let go, his personality is so much better than Troy Bridges, (who doesn’t have one) and the way him and the other Eric got along was so obvious that they worked well together. This made it pleasant to watch the two of them. I hope to see him again here on another channel, and if I do, I will be switching to that channel. Ann Lovell

  7. DUMB! DUMB! DUMB! He was probably the main reason to watch the morning news. So sorry to see you go. I guess it’s time to watch WESH. Best of luck to you and you family. I’ll keep my eyes open to see if you stay local like Jaqui Sosa, Bob Frier, etc.

  8. This is incredible, I loved watching Eric report the weather each and every morning. This is typical of the mgmt team at this station, they always let go of the “good ones”. If anyone needs to be dismissed is the horrible and inadequate mgmt team at this station. If anyones needs to go is the blonde weather girl and Troy, they have no personality for reporting the news and lets not talk about their “looks” either!!! I can’t understand how you also let go of Ms. London when you should have let go of Ms. Diaz, she is not as professtional as Ms. London. Here is some advise to mgmt, ask the people of the community since obviously you guys can’t seem to handle the job.

  9. This is just another horribly stupid move on Skip Valet’s part. I sent him an email a couple of weeks ago and his reply was that he is doing what the community wants. He claimed that he is acting based upon the majority of viewer feedback. I say he’s a liar and a stupid one at that. Letting Eric Wilson go was the last straw. I’ve switched to WESH and won’t be going back to Local 6.

  10. I have been hooked on WKMG since early 1995. I have seen a lot of turn over, some disappointing, some I didn’t think was right. Letting Eric go is just plain wrong. I have to really think this decision over, I have watch Eric from the first day, He was very family friendly. and also from my part of the country. We felt that he was talking with us. (I have nothing against the new guy)
    I support WKMG and the sponors. While I will continue to suport Webber and the others.I will be channel surffing. Thanks for leaving us in the dark.

  11. i will not be watching local 6 anymore.They are making way to many changes. Instead of paying the good people local 6 seems to want to pay trailer park trash instead.You wonder why they are in last place far as the news.Maybe they need to fire the big guy because he sure is loosing faithful viewers.

  12. What in the world were they thinking? I loved to hear his behind the scenes laugh and he seemed to be such a good upstanding family man. And to think he has already been replaced. I don’t get it! Sorry to see him go!

  13. Are you kidding me? Jacqueline London, Donald Forbes, Mike Garafalo, and Eric Wilson. ALL great reporters that Skip Valet ley go. What were you thinking? Ms.London and Mr.Wilson were two of my favorite reporters. And Donald Forbes who reported the news from Brevard county for so many years let go? I don’t get it? Why is it WKMG that every time you find good reporters that the community bonds with, you let them go? This is why I DON’T like watching your station anymore! Why not let go Lauren Rowe? I think she’s very boring! But that won’t happen. She’s the Princess of your station. No wonder your station is in last place. I’m done watching WKMG. Switching to WESH and channel 9 or FOX. At least we know we’ll continue to see the same faces for a long time to come. BYE!

  14. I am sooo disappointed with the changes of letting Eric Wilson and Jacqueline London go. I have been hoping and praying that they would come back. I loved my morning news and looked forward to waking up to both Erik and Eric. There is no way that I would ever believe that this is what the viewers wanted is to get rid of two great people . I am with the viewers that will be looking at other news channels now. And if channel 6 really wants to get rid of someone, please get rid of Ping! This guy is very annoying and should not be on TV, much less the daily news!

  15. My disappointment continues to grow with Local 6. First you got rid of Bob Friar, then Jackie London, Mike Garafallo and now Eric Wilson…He was fabulous and Tom Sorrells and Eric worked together like a charm. I rarely take my TV off channel 6, but you are testing my patience and interest in your channel for news lately….Don’t even think of taking Tom Sorrells away, or I am gone for good!

  16. Jacqueline London, Donald Forbes and meteorologist Eric Wilson! What the world is going on in the GM’s Office?.. Your loyal viewers get attached to people we invite into our homes and you uproot the most popular ones… I don’t get it… Are you really that tired of my loyal watching, since 2002 and you are trying to give me a reason to jump to another News Channel. Ok your wish is my DEMAND.. By the way tell Ping he is suppose to be a Sports Reported not a bad Goof Ball… Now there is someone to cut, or fill him in on how to be a sports reporter.

  17. Where is Eric Wilson????? I watch Channel 6 News every morning and I miss him. Eric, Laura, Jessica AND Eric Wilson has SUCH good chemistry together! WHY?!

  18. I am convinced that WKMG has a compelling contractural obligation, to keep David Pingalore on staff. What else can explain why the station continues to bore viewers with a guy, who can’t report a good sports story, even if his life depended on it.

  19. What were you thinking when you let Eric Wilson go? He was GREAT! And, them replace him with Troy Bridges? The quality of your morning news has really dropped. Eric was even better than Larry Mowry, who was terrific. They were good down to earth family guys that we identified with. Troy has an annoying personality. This was a big step back for WKMG.

  20. I could not agree more with the comment about keeping WKMG jilted princess Lauren Rowe. She is the worst anchor I have ever seen or heard. I was very very disappointed when Bob Frier left, leaving Lauren Rowe to do the am news, so I switched to Fox. I also think Laura Diaz used to call herself Lauren until Rowe probably had something to with her changing her name. If WKMG wants their viewers and ratings to return, GET RID OF LAUREN ROWE as she is boring and snarky which is not what I want to see or hear. I would rather watch paint dry. Also, she makes mistakes continuously and it gets very annoying, and Flashpoint is torture (I am not into S&M).

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