WKMG anchor duties change for London, Rowe, Diaz

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ttt-wkmg2Something is up at WKMG — and it’s not the ratings.

That’s one likely reason the station is playing musical anchors. GM Skip Valet told the Sentinel’s Hal Boedeker that morning anchor Lauren Rowe will now anchor the 11 p.m. newscast — displacing Jacqueline London, who will still anchor at 6 p.m. Moving into Rowe’s morning spot opposite Erick Weber is Laura Diaz, who has been WKMG’s weekend morning anchor.

Boedeker obtained an email Valet sent the WKMG staff: “You will notice some different anchoring assignments over the coming weeks. We are simply trying some new things over the long, hot summer. We feel we are now producing the most comprehensive and interesting newscasts in town, and we want our viewers to be exposed to all of the members of our strong team.”

So, from the sound of the email, it appears the changes aren’t permanent. Of course, there’s nothing permanent in TV news, right? Read more from Hal here.

Do you think the moves will move the ratings needle in the right direction for WKMG? Sound off with your comments below….

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  1. I can’t stand the chemistry between laura diaz and erik weber. She comes across (to me) as insincere and flirting w/ the married Mr. Weber. I have been tolerating the anchor switch in hopes it was not going to last and because the morning team, sans Ms Diaz is a good morning wake-up. If they chose to keep this anchor change, I will be changing to another station, permanently.

  2. What a vicious cycle.

    Keeping up with the Orlando TV ratings woes is so mentally taxing. WESH was in this same position not so long ago.

    The talent isn’t really the problem at WKMG–the news product is poor. The whole “Local 6” down home, small-market, dumbed down appeal just isn’t appealing at all and people have finally realized it.

    Polish it up, 6–it should’ve been done a long while ago.

    I do like that they seem to be investing a little more creatively with the web, though. I haven’t seen anything all that interesting yet–but they’re definitely on a nice track and may turn out something that resonates with Central Florida. WWW is the future anyway, none of this will matter in time as local stations begin to scale back on the hours of news they offer (as WKMG has already done).

  3. Just my opinion on this… I think one thing that kills Local6’s “chemistry” is Ping. He was one of the first reasons I would switch off Channel 6 and go channel surfing. I prefer to leave the humor-based sports static to ESPN (at least they have the budget to pull it off). I feel Todd Romero is a strong, well spoken, knowledgable sports guy who can easily replace Ping. And honestly… doesnt the “Get Fit Club” make more sence than “The Stan Van Gundy Show”???

  4. This sure seems like very little work for their anchors. Jackie London anchoring 1 hour a day? Lauren Rowe coming to work at 9pm? With their massive layoffs, why are their anchors working so few hours? Maybe they should’ve laid off one of them instead!

  5. I fail to see what difference it makes. You still have the same talking heads just at a different time slot. No change at all.

  6. I can’t stand the change up. Eric Weber and Laura Diaz have no chemistry whatsoever. Lauren Rowe and Eric made a great team and if they don’t get back together I won’t be watching 6 anymore. Will go to FOX for my morning news – can’t stand NBC in the morning either

  7. If Laura Diaz remains as morning anchor with Erick Weber, I’m switching channels, just as I did when you changed to THE 6:00 News. Now, that was a ridiculous move! Bring Lauren Rowe back to the morning show, pleeease! And WHERE is Kim Sanders? Don’t tell me you replaced her, too! Are you listening?

  8. I was terribly disappointed when they let Tiffany Tift go. I thought she was a show-in for an anchor position. Now moving Lauren Rowe. Dumb! And what of Kim Sanders? It was a good team. Yep… time to go elsewhere.

  9. Lauren looks old… Jacqueline is plastic… and Laura is vanilla (boring and nothing memorable)… good luck to 6… my guess is they fold within 2 years.

  10. I can NOT stand Lauren. I wish she would go. I was at a function and she showed up representing 6 and she is a snot. Leave Laura in the morning and put Jackie back at 6 and 11. Lauren need to go!

  11. I loved the Kim, two Erics, and Lauren Rowe in the morning. They had a great chemistry. Where is Kim headed?

    Hopefully the new combo will work–Jessica does not have Kim’s personality by any means but I wish her luck.

  12. I think the changes made by Mr. Maldonado were totally out of line and messed up a good team on your station. You had a good thing going. Bring back Bob at 6:00 p.m.!!!!!

  13. Lauren can’t read, Ping is not funny, and Tom hogs the air time. Jackie, and the two Erics are the best.

  14. Kim had to go (To much time off). Jessica is doing well and will mature in that role. Eric Weber needs to be careful with his choice of words when commenting on issues. Ms. Diaz had no choice on the switch, viewers need to adjust or turn off their sets. Eric Wilson Mr. weatherman is doing his job and adding humor to the weather. Good luck 6 with your change.

  15. I love to watch channel 6’s news. Everybody on there is great. But my two favorites are Laura Diaz and Elizabeth Hart. They used to do the weekend late news together; they should do that again. They are a great team. Also, I’m love with both Laura and Elizabeth, so I am a little biased when it comes to local news and weather casters. Sorry to see Kim Sanders, Kimberly Houk and Tiffany Tift go; they are also pretty and lovely and added to the station. Love the morning show; great chemistry between all. That also goes for the other newscasts that I see on channel 6 whenever I can. Keep up the good work!

  16. I work late, therefore I don’t catch the morning news. With that said, I am glad that Jackie London isn’t always on. She hogs everything and was made to be the “star” of the news. In my opinion, she needs to roll on out of there. She is so dramatic on her facial expressions and just seems to think she can add more to the story. That rock on her finger is her pride and joy. Always sitting on the desk and reflecting in the light. Bogus moves.

    Eric Weber is great on the noon news, along with Eric Wilson. Good team.

    Again, Jackie needs to go. Bring back Marla Weech for the 6p news, along side Bob Fryer. I do not like Mike G. He is also dramatic in his delivery. Watch, everytime he talks or segments something, he wiggles and twists in his chair, like a 5 year would.

    I prefer 6 news over the other channels, since they do not “put down” other channels.

    Make some changes in your anchor. Bring back Bob, rid yourself of Jackie, Mike and sadly, Ping.

  17. The old anchor Bob working with Jacki London was so great why did you bring this new guy on? Bob, Jacki and Tom the weather man were the best..Now we watch local 2 Orlando..Sorry, not good now.

  18. We want Bob & Jackie BACK!!!
    Do you have to keep Ping? Sports suck -it’s all about playing games vs. covering sports!

  19. Jackie and Bob were a perfect fit! Ping is self-centered, and where did they find Mike??? Watching Local 6 news is like watching musical chairs! They have blown it, I’m watching other stations now but not crazy about them either.

  20. I watch the Local 6 morning news; I actually try to catch as much of the show every day as I can. I would like to add that everyone at Local 6 is wonderful. I’ve noticed that some of the comments here are about Laura Diaz, my morning news angel. Laura is great and I don’t think that she flirts with Erick Weber. Come on, they’re co-workers and friends. Laura comes across very well on screen. next, Lauren Rowe is also great no matter what time slot she’s in and that goes for Jacqueline London too. In fact, all of the Local 6 newspeople are excellent. Sometimes change is very well for people. Give them a chance. I’m sticking with Local 6, thank you very much. Local 6 rocks!

  21. AS a morning news watcher, I must say,since Tiffay Tift was let go(In my opinon a wounderful repoter) I have not enjoyed you news cast at all!
    Bring Lauren Rowe & Tiffiny Tift back to the morning news to BRIGHTEN MY DAY!!

  22. I did watch when Jacqueline London was on. I would like to see someone that knows sports. PING your NOT funny. I wish Bob was back too.

  23. The ratings are down because CBS is cancelling everything we the viewers like. IE Ghost Whisperer, Without A Trace, As the world Turns, Guiding Light, come to think of it I haven’t seen numbers or the other show with Shemar Moore on every week. Since CBS cancelled a bunch of shows I have been switching the dial to FOX because I’m bored with the new stuff.

  24. Gaard is a mistake. Eric is much better. Lauren Rowe is great. Laura D. seems to be a flirt. Was never too ‘excited’ about Jacqueline; she’s ok I guess. Tom, well, Tom tends to talk in a monotone with his sort of raspy voice. Would like to see Troy Bridges take his spot. The 2 ‘weathergirls’ are nice. Don’t care for Ping’s presentations; he’s too flamboyant and apparently has never heard of the Tampa Bay Lightning; prefer Todd R. The new sports girl, Jamie, is good.

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