iVillage Live leaving O-Town for Chicago

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iVillage Live, we hardly knew ye.

NBC Universal announced Tuesday that iVillage Live will cease production at Universal Orlando — its home since debuting in December — and relocate to Chicago for its second season this fall.

"Universal Orlando has been a great venue for our show’s launch, and the theme park environment has added excitement and a unique feel to the show," NBCU said in a statement, reported by TVWeek.com. "But as we explore a new flow and feel for the program, we will be moving the show to Chicago, which is one of our largest television markets. iVillage Live is a new concept for daytime, and as a locally produced show, we will continue to evolve the program, making whatever changes and improvements we feel necessary to ensure its continued success."

TVWeek.com quoted NBCU sources as saying iVillage’s live audience — which often included children vacationing with their parents at Universal’s Islands of Adventure — didn’t fit with the direction they wanted for the show. They hope moving it to NBC O&O WMAQ in Chicago will make the show look more "big-city" and allow for edgier content. What that means is anyone’s guess, but it’s worth noting that WMAQ is home to NBCU’s Jerry Springer Show. (Yikes!)

Neither the format of iVillage nor the fate of its five co-hosts was revealed in Tuesday’s news. The show will continue to shoot at Universal’s IOA through June. It was recently renewed through 2008 even though its playing primarily only on NBC O&O stations. WESH, Orlando’s NBC affiliate, doesn’t carry it.
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