It’s spring, so time for Fox 35’s hawk

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Fox 35's unwelcome annual visitor

While not quite as famous as the swallows returning  to San Juan Capistrano, the folks at WOFL-Fox 35 have their own spring tradition: the return of the big, bad mama hawk.

It started several years ago, when the mama hawk decided to take up residence in a tree outside the station’s Lake Mary studios. Being protective of her young, the hawk became aggressive and started swooping down on Fox 35 employees outside the building. Last year, it actually attacked then-sports guy Kevin Holden.

The bird’s return this year has the Fox folks buzzing again. Anchor Heidi Hatch posted an update on her blog, “We have a hawk that lives our News station- but only in Spring. She’s not very nice. In fact she attacks people she doesn’t like. She’s officially back and attacked her first victim today. We’ve been told to wear a hard hat or always walk with an umbrella because it’s illegal to kill it. I’m not one to kill… but what about bird nap ….”

Anchor Sonni Abatta even Tweeted about the big bird: “I find this picture in our work cafeteria to be simultaneously entertaining and terrifying.” She attached the picture below:

I find this picture in our work cafeteria to be simultaneousl... on Twitpic

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