Hijacking in Orlando? Hmmm, Maybe

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I’m not sure if it was a terrorist group — or more likely some bored loner kid in a basement somewhere — but the RogerSimmons.com Orlando TV Talk Forum message board was hacked on Friday morning. (And when I say "hacked," basically that means they were able to overwrite some of the coding so their page showed up instead of the messages posted there.)

If you went to the site, instead of getting the message board you were greeted by a big page that said "Allahu Akbar" — which translates from Arabic as "God is Great." It also said "Islamic Warriors" were responsible for hijacking the site. Hmmm. Maybe, maybe not.

But, in reality, no harm was done. The message board was easily restored because all the data is backed up each day.

So make sure you keep posting all about Orlando TV … because if you don’t, then the terrorists have won!

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