Here’s an Anchor Idea for WESH

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Go ahead and call me crazy. But what if WESH did something dramatic with its anchor line-up … like move Pat Clarke over one seat, from sports to the main anchor chair next to Wendy Chioji?

When I’ve seen Clarke and Chioji on Channel 2’s Olympic Zone broadcasts, they really seem to click and have great chemistry. And Clarke has clearly shown he can handle more air time than the couple of minutes he gets for sports nightly.

Such a move wouldn’t be unprecedented. Down in Miami, sports guy Tony Segreto was moved over to the main anchor chair at WTVJ years ago. And WKMG’s sports anchor Todd Lewis switched to morning news anchor for awhile before heading back to sports.

I doubt this Clarke move to the anchor chair will happen — and, no, I haven’t heard anything — but it just struck me as something WESH might want to consider. And, yes, I must admit that the conspiracy theorist in me thinks that maybe, just maybe, anchor Jim Payne was dispatched to Italy so Channel 2 could pair Clarke and Chioji for a two-week tryout on the Olympics Zone.

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