Heidi Hatch leaves Fox 35 for ….

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I’ve had a couple of people ask what’s happened to Fox 35 morning anchor Heidi Hatch.

Here’s what she posted on her Facebook page on June 3 …

After 8 hours straight of live TV on a Friday morning I want to say thanks to all my FOX 35 viewers. You’ve welcomed me into your homes for 5 fabulous years while you’ve crawled out of bed, brushed your teeth and packed school lunches. Thanks for taking me along during your morning rush. Goodbye’s are always bittersweet. I will miss the friends I’ve worked alongside while covering everything from tornado’s to the Casey Anthony Case. This is not the end but a new chapter. One with more sleep and hopefully more family time. Thanks for your friendship.

On her Twitter account, Hatch says she’s in the process of moving. But, she tells those who ask where she’s heading, “I can’t say where I’m moving just yet ….”


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  1. Not sure what the new manager @ Fox 35 is up to but losing Jacquie Sosa & Heidi was a huge mistake, IMO. Those two were a pleasure to wake-up to. I have tried to watch since their departure but it just ain’t happening.

  2. Yes, I don’t understand why all the constant major changes on Fox35 News all the time. They can’t seem to decide just who they want to keep. Ever Since they let go of Shelly Ribando the turnaround has been constant. Now it appears they are making moves that will eventually fade Mike Dunston away. He is one of the most “real” people on the news team and was a good anchor who seemed sincere in his reporting. Now there’s this new guy, John, from out of nowhere and moved Mike into the “back room”. One day he’s reporting with Amy Kaufeldt about Casey Anthony and the next thing there’s a new commercial annoucing “Good Day” with Amy standing beside this new guy! Put “Nowhere John” in the back room (no personality) and bring Mike Dunston back to the forefront where he belongs. He, Jacqui and Heidi started “Good Day”, after all!

    And, what is with all the “breathlessness” that everyone seems to have adapted when speaking on Fox News?

  3. Same here…don’t tune in any more. It’s not the same without Heidi… and Jacqui too.
    Heidi was like everybody’s buddy — but beautiful and witty as well.
    I know a lot of GUYS want to know where Sabrina Fein went as well. (ha ha!) I guess if they’re hot of FOX35, they’ve gotta go.


  4. What is going on Fox? You change anchors more than people change their underwear. The anchors were fantastic so why such a high turnover? Seems so cut throat and very unsettling to viewers. Looks like its Mike’s turn…. whose next the weather guy. That will be another mistake.

  5. Not sad to see Heidi go she is very forgettable and always failed to connect with a lot of viewers. Next should be Amy and Mike. Mike just lacks the ‘it’ factor and for Amy the list is endless but not limited to the fact that she always presents herself as the matriarch of Fox35 her words and emotions are overly stretched and exaggerated, tuned in this morning to find her munching a mouthful of ice-cream unable to comprehend what’s going on while at the same time struggling to ctrl-alt-delete an oncoming brain freeze. The most watchable guy in the morning is Jim whose role in the mornings can only be defined as exemplary.

  6. I am really going to miss Heidi. I thought they put her behind the scenes like they did to Tom. I really miss Tom on the desk. As for Sabrina Fein, she is back in south florida!!

  7. The point of a news broadcast is to hear and see the news. While liking the anchors is nice, I think we forget that it is about the news and not the anchors. I personally do not care who is letting me know what is happening locally and nationally. Remember, it is a business and decisions are made everyday whether by the producers, stations and even the anchors themeselves about who goes and who stays.

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