Fox 35 top choice for Casey coverage

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As the Casey Anthony trial finished its third week, we are seeing an Orlando TV trend continue: WOFL-Fox 35 continues to be the top choice for local viewers in the most important demos. And it’s winning both the morning and afternoon sessions of the trial. reports that for the week of June 3-9, Fox 35 led it’s O-Town counterparts in the 18-49 and 25-54 demos. Here are the ratings in the 25-54 demo. Read the full story here.

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  1. I hope everyone remembers that Casey admitted to her jail pal how she “used chloroform to make her baby sleep”… unbelievably sickening. How hypocritical she looks when she turns her face to avoid looking @ disturbing, very incriminating evidence against her. It appears as if she’s thinking solely about what’s going to happen to her, or how deep in trouble she is, as oppose to showing emotion and pain. And she’s excused because she’s ” Ill”? WOW, who gives a shit how she feels? She went dancing while others restlessly looked for HER baby, a baby she did not deserve to have. how dare her? She looked like she was bored and was tired of hearing about it, “lets go, lets go, I’M BORED lets go” I strongly feel and believe that this pshyco visited the grave site she made for her baby after partying and boosing the night away. When she came down from her “HI” reality hit her and she remembered she had a baby who laid out in the woods, in the cold and wet elements and was all alone. Lets not forget that @ the beggining of this case it was said that Casey knew those woods like the back of her hand, it’s where she met up with friends to get hi and cut class. She was very familiar with the area, and lets not forget that this monster kept telling her parents that “Caylee was close, and she was fine, and they will be seeing her again soon” She was close alright. Perhaps she brought the “Winnie the pooh” blanket and placed it near Caylee’s body because Caylee loved it. I strongly believe that she visited the grave site and in her twisted mind she felt she had a bond and connection with her baby. The look on her face is that of “disbelieve” ” how dare the world accuse me of committing such crime”. She’s fake, her tears are fake…nothing about her is, or looks genuine. I’m not so sure that some of the questions Mr. Baez is asking on cross examination are helping her case any either. Gosh, she’s so hard to look @

  2. Why has no one remembered that once a child is “potty trained” they can fit in a smaller size pants; therefore it is not unreasonable that Caylee would be in a size 24 mos shorts and a size 3T shirt. Once the diapers are gone, there is no padding so smaller size clothing can be used.

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