Former Orlando newsers talk about O-Town days

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Orlando Sentinel TV Guy Hal Boedeker catches up with a group of O-Town TV alumni, asking about their days covering the news in Orlando.

The roster includes CBS News’ Byron Pitts (1986-88 at WESH), CNN’s Jessica Yellin (1998-2000 at News 13), ABC News’ Deborah Roberts (1997-90 at WFTV), CBS News’ Wyatt Andrews (1977-79 at WFTV) and Fox News’ Trace Gallagher (1993-96 at WCPX).

A couple of others I thought of who went on to bigger and better things after their Orlando TV news days: Milissa Rehberger and Bill Karins, both formerly of WOFL and now with MSNBC; Shepard Smith, formerly of WCPX and now with Fox News; Lisa Colagrossi, formerly of WKMG now with WABC; Rob Stafford, formerly of WFTV and Dateline NBC, now anchor at WMAQ Chicago; Ryan Baker, formerly of WCPX-WKMG, now sports anchor at WBBM Chicago; Stewart Scott, formerly of WESH now at ESPN; Anne Craig, formerly of WOFL now at WNYW in New York; and James Ford, formerly of WFTV now at WPIX in New York.

If you know of others, add them as a comment on this post.

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  1. Reynols Wolf formerly with WKMG now a meteorologist and correspondent for CNN Worldwide. He is based in the network’s headquarters in Atlanta.

  2. I was going to post Reynolds Wolf also. I can’t believe they left him out. He’s the main meteorologist on CNN. I see him on there all the time. He’s a big deal!

  3. I think I remember John Tesh on Channel 9 as a reporter about 1980 or so. Yes, That John Tesh.

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