Former Big Brother player is new WESH anchor

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Jason Guy
Jason Guy

Definitely a first for Orlando TV: Former reality show contestant Jason Guy is the new morning anchor for WESH 2.

In a news release announcing Guy’s hiring, WESH News Director Bob Longo said, “part of what attracted us to Jason is his fascinating and diverse career path.”

According to WESH, Guy started in broadcasting when he was 18 — hosting a weekly teen program on the Mobile, Ala., Fox affiliate as well as a highly rated morning radio show. He then headed to California, landing a role as a contestant on the third season of CBS’ Big Brother in 2002.

On his bio page on the Big Brother area of CBS’ Web site, Guy said his greatest fear in playing Big Brother was, “That I will be able to keep my integrity as I play the game.”

Asked to share his motto, Guy said, “There are only two things that can hinder your dreams: money and your imagination. If the second is great enough, the first will never be a problem.”

After the jump, how did Guy do on Big Brother and how did he get into journalism

Guy made it to the final three on Big Brother and was named most popular house guest.

After his Big Brother experience ended, Guy stayed in the reality show biz — working in casting for NBC’s The Biggest Loser, CW’s Beauty and the Greek and CBS’ The Amazing Race.

Guy started in broadcast jounalism three years ago at WRIC-TV in Richmond, Va. He has been part of the station’s morning team for the past two years. He previously attended the University of Mobile, where he studied communication and broadcast journalism.

“I’m thrilled to be joining WESH and returning to Florida where I was born,” Guy said. “I’ve approached every state of my career with enthusiasm and passion, and this new opportunity is no exception. I consider covering live, breaking news events and dealing with fast-changing situations to be two of my best skills. I’m excited to share those skills with Central Florida viewers.”

Guy starts at WESH on Sept. 28, co-anchoring with Syan Rhodes. He replaces Scott Walker, who departed WESH last week to anchor at WDSU in New Orleans.

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  1. Just what we need, someone else to get used to. I think Jeff Lennox is the right one for the job, and he is doing great so far with Sian. WESH is going down hill, not what it was during the golden age in the 80’s and 90’s.

  2. The new guy will be interesting to say the least. They need to replace Syan. She is painful to watch. Talks too fast, zero personality and is way to tense with that fake forced smile.

  3. 3 years of broadcast journalism…interesting. Not what I would expect for a top 20 market. I’ve been an avid WESH2 morning viewer, I am thinking about making the switch to another station. I believe Jeff Lennox was the right person for the job. Very comfortable on air presence…viewers are used to him. I agree with the previous comment, Syan is tough to watch at times. With that said, as a viewer I’m not getting much from WESH in the morning. Very unfortunate, but I think Mr. Longo is forcing this viewer to switch.

  4. Jeff Lennox cannot articulate to save his life. Why don’t we give this guy a shot before threatening to switch stations.

  5. Hey C.C. You’re nuts. I’d like to see you get up there and anchor 4 hours of News. I think Jeff does a great job.

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