Cleveland anchors go nuts as Cavs beat Magic

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So, face it. Those of us in the media sometimes are accused of being “homers” — cheering for the home team rather than being objective. And, granted, sometimes we are homers.

But I can’t recall anyone EVER in Orlando TV news going as far as the anchor team at Cleveland’s top-rated WEWS-ABC 5 did on Friday night — when LeBron James hit a game-winning 3-pointer against the Orlando Magic. Watch the clip below and judge for yourself. You’ll see bedlam break out on the set at the 40-second mark of the video when sports guy Terry Brooks jumps out of his seat screaming, “CAVS WIN! CAVS WIN!”

So, are Cleveland anchors more passionate about their team than Orlando’s anchors are about the Magic, are or Orlando’s anchors more professional than Cleveland’s? Just askin’.



Not only is this clip on YouTube, WEWS is publicizing the anchors reaction on its own Web site. (Thanks to the Sentinel’s Magic BasketBlog for letting us know about the clip.)

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