Casey Anthony verdict: How Orlando TV tweeted the news

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In addition to watching the Casey Anthony trial on Orlando TV news, many followed coverage via reporters’ and anchors’ tweets on Twitter. Here’s a sampling of Orlando TV tweets following the verdict. (I especially like WFTV news director Bob Jordan’s tweet at the bottom):

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  1. Please, please, do not interview or show anyone on Casey Anthony’s defense team. Please do not pay any of them or show anything to do with them. She does not deserve any more attention and certainly does not deserve to profit. If any show I am watching shows her or her stupid lawyers, I will turn it off. This is a disgrace. I just can’t believe she got away with murder. Not guilty does not mean innocent. This makes me sick to my stomach. I really do not know how these creeps will sleep at night. Baez is a buffoon!
    And those jurors are the scum of the earth.

    Where is the justice for the baby who was murdered and thrown in the swamp? There was no evidence of an accident. Puhleeze!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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