Blast from the past: Prime time on WMOD-Channel 43

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Blast from the Past goes back to 1986 today. That’s not that too far back, but a lot has changed since then. Take these advertisements for WMOD-Channel 43 for example.

In 1982, the Melbourne-based station became the area’s second independent station — following in the footsteps of Channel 35. WMOD had the staples of an indy station — classic sitcoms, movies, sports and even local newscasts. But it also had a very weak signal, which hindered its efforts to make a name for itself in Orlando TV.

Despite the slogan, “Don’t Stay Home Without Us” — many area homes went without WMOD.

Ownership eventually changed and the station became a Home Shopping Channel affiliate for awhile before becoming a Telefutura affiliate — which it remains this day.

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