Angry worker confronts WFTV crew

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WFTV Eyewitness News reporter Tim Wetzel and his cameraman got roughed up a little during a confrontation with a Marion County businessman on Thursday.

The news crew was at Hercules Fence to do a story about what the company had on its sign outside. Every week, the fencing firm apparently puts what it thinks is a funny saying on its sign. This week’s "joke" offended a lot of folks: "What has 4 wheels and flies? A dead cripple in a wheelchair."

Marion residents contacted Channel 9 to say they were upset about the joke on the sign, and they said that despite their complaints, the company wasn’t doing anything about it. When the Channel 9 crew arrived at the company to ask about the sign, a man there pushed Wetzel and his cameraman out the door. Click here to watch video of the confrontation.

WFTV says it filed an incident report with the Marion County Sheriff’s Office over the confrontation.

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