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Hurricane Irene: Orlando TV’s connection

Former WESH anchor Tom Schaad (right) anchors storm coverage on WAVY-10 in Norfolk.

A couple of notes from a weekend of TV news dominated by Hurricane Irene…

HLN spent Saturday showing coverage from affiliate stations along the East Coast, including Norfolk’s WAVY-NBC 10. On the desk there was former WESH 2 anchor Tom Schaad — a veteran of Orlando’s hurricane-filled season of 2004.

Meanwhile on Sunday, WFTV News Director Bob Jordan — a man who doesn’t hesitate to speak his mind — was busy on Twitter critiquing the New York-centric, doom-and-gloom storm coverage. Some samples of his entertaining tweets:

  • Watching network coverage of the (marginal) hurricane. All I can say is, “Oh, the hyperbole.”
  • In 2004, 5 named storms hit FL. 3 of them (Charley, Frances & Jean) had winds in excess of 115MPH. Sorry NYC, your storm is puny.
  • Some of these network reporters (networks shall remain unnamed) look downright foolish.
  • ABC Reporter informs us that winds are about 20 miles per hour at his location. That’s no typo. TWENTY miles per hour.
  • GMA anchor open at 9A references “MONSTER hurricane.” This is not, has not been and will not be a Monster hurricane. It is a tropical storm.
  • WFTV had more boots on the ground covering the ’04 hurricanes than ABC News does covering this “monster hurricane.”
  • Not much evidence of social media on ABC this morning. They are behind the curve.
  • At 11AM, ABC graphics and copy still refer to Irene as a “hurricane.” This is beyond hype, this is deliberate misinformation.

Blast from the past: WFTV ad from 1981

Our summertime series, Blast from the Past, continues with this ad for the Eyewitness News team that first boosted Channel 9 to news dominance in Central Florida. Here you see the promotion for the 5:30 p.m. newscast with anchors Bob Opsahl and Carole Nelson, and then the 6 o’clock team that included (from left) sports director Mike Storms, Nelson, news director/anchor Bob Jordan and weatherman Danny Treanor.

Casey Anthony verdict: How Orlando TV tweeted the news

In addition to watching the Casey Anthony trial on Orlando TV news, many followed coverage via reporters’ and anchors’ tweets on Twitter. Here’s a sampling of Orlando TV tweets following the verdict. (I especially like WFTV news director Bob Jordan’s tweet at the bottom):

WFTV very happy with Casey Anthony ratings

The Orlando TV ratings for the Casey Anthony trial continue to be amazing. And WFTV-Channel 9 News Director Bob Jordan is very pleased with what he’s seeing.

Here are some recent tweets from his always entertaining and informative Twitter account:

  • Saturday ‘Casey on Trial’ draws a combined (WFTV+WOLF+CFN13) 41 share at 11:00 am. WFTV’s 7PM Casey special wins TP. Interest unabated.
  • 4PM Friday: ‘Casey on Trial’ on WFTV draws a 16-share. News on WESH, a 1-share.
  • ‘French Open’ on WESH attracts NO MEASURABLE audience (A25-54) against ‘Casey on Trial’ coverage on WFTV, et al.
  • WFTV wins 20 of 29 qtr hrs of ‘Casey On Trial’ coverage Friday. Kudos to our trial team, headed up by EP Amy Coulter.

Casey Anthony trial outdraws NBA Finals in Orlando

Interesting tidbit about Orlando TV ratings for the Casey Anthony trial, courtesy of TVNewser.com

Bob Jordan, news director of ABC affiliate WFTV, tells TVNewser more people watched the trial on his station as well as on Fox O&O WOFL and cable station CFN13 combined, than watched the Miami Heat – Dallas Mavericks NBA playoff game in prime time [Thursday] night.” Full report here.

Orlando Sentinel TV Guy Hal Boedeker breaks down the ratings for the O-Town stations…

“Fox-owned WOFL-Channel 35 and ABC affiliate WFTV-Channel 9 were in a tight race Thursday morning with their wall-to-wall coverage. … WOFL drew 91,800 viewers to WFTV’s 91,700. Central Florida News 13, which is available to customers of Bright House Networks, drew 66,800 viewers. …

“From 1:30 to 5 p.m. Thursday, WFTV rose to the top with its trial coverage.  WFTV averaged 116,500 viewers. WOFL was second with 93,900. News 13 drew 84,800. CBS affiliate WKMG-Channel 6 decided to go wall to wall Thursday afternoon and drew 27,500 viewers. “In Session,” which ends it coverage at 3 p.m., had 16,400 viewers. And HLN drew 11,500.” Full report here.

Weather forecast for WFTV: More Tom Terry

Tom Terry

You may watch him or you may not  — but you most certainly know about WFTV chief meterologist Tom Terry.

The man who helped Central Floridians “hunker down” during the historic hurricane season of 2004 is going to be with Channel 9 through at least another six storm seasons.

Sentinel TV Guy Hal Boedeker reports that WFTV has signed Terry to a new six-year deal. 

“It [his contract] was supposed to be up at the end of the year, but we went to him early,” WFTV News Director Bob Jordan said. “He’s the best meteorologist I’ve ever worked with.”

Read the full story here

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