Local 6 News goes 16:9

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With little fanfare, WKMG has thrown the switch on 16:9 for its newscasts. (Oops — I reported early that Local 6 had gone to HD. Not the case, however.)

Local 6 is using 16:9 studio cameras, but its weather graphics and most field reports are still in standard 4:3 with “wings” on the side of the screen. I believe there was at least one 16:9 report tonight — some highlights from the Magic’s game.

The 16:9 switch comes after WKMG has been stretching its picture to fill the 16:9 ratio of today’s HD televisions. That was a bit annoying and also stretched out the anchors’ faces, making them look like the reflections in one of those old carnival funhouse mirrors.

WFTV was the first in Florida to switch to HD for its newscasts in July 2006, and WESH followed with its HD newscasts on Nov. 1, 2007. Now in O-Town, only WKMG and is Fox O&O WOFL-Channel 35 are not in HD.

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