Breaking bear news: Bear breaks in at home of WESH’s Martha Sugalski

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WESH 2 anchor Martha Sugalski had some personal “live, local, late-breaking” news at her Seminole County home this morning when a bear broke into her screened-in pool enclosure.

“Woke up to a MASSIVE bear in our pool area who broke thru screen and was trying to get into cabinets. Don’t need coffee to wake up,” Sugalski tweeted today.

According to,┬áthis is the sixth bear Sugalski has seen in her Seminole neighborhood in the past two months — more sightings than she has had in the previous six years at the home. It has been the summer of the bear on Orlando TV news, with bears showing up unexpectedly in several neighborhoods, in downtown Winter Park and even in downtown Orlando next to the 408.

WESH dispatched a crew to document the break-in and interviewed Sugalski’s husband.

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  1. WOW, here it is December 17, 2012 and the only thing that has happened in TV O’Town news since August 2012 is the ‘gator in Marthas pool. Simply AMAZING!!! Guess I’ll have to renew that News Blues subsciption to get the ‘news’ on the comings and goings.

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